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“No two business are the same, so no two websites, creative campaigns, or should be treated the same. Before action comes insight. Before planning comes research. Only then can we do our clients justice by delivering the results they deserve.”

The Pixel Durham Mantra

Welcome to Pixel Durham

We’re a team of creative web, graphic design, and marketing types with tons of experience working with all kinds of brands – from Fortune 500s to tiny startups. While not a huge team by any stretch, we are incredibly dedicated to our craft, with a laser-focused determination to make each and every project (which hopefully includes yours) a resounding success.

The modern web design, marketing, and creative design space thing can be a real minefield, but we’re here to help make your life a little easier, your budget go a little further, and your bottom line grow a little (or a lot) larger!

Please have a look around our little slice of the internet, and reach out to us if you’d like to get our take on how we can help grow your business online!

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Growing a business online isn't easy
But getting started sure is!

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Here's how we can help your brand get meaningful results

  • Web Design

Get conversion-focused, marketing-first site that turns visitors into customers.

  • Digital Marketing

Create sustainable growth for your online brand with digital marketing that works!

  • Site Management

Keep your online properties running smoothly, effectively, and efficiently

Screenshots from 3 websites made by Pixel Durham are shown side by side

“Our marketing-first web and graphic design approach focuses on creating digital assets that perfectly align with your marketing goals. This typically means increased brand visibility, more inbound leads, and higher on-site conversions for your business.

In short, we create to get you results that matter.”

The Pixel Durham Method

What we do
A closer look at our services

Creative & Design

Our creative services are focused on improving brand visibility, conversions, brand perception, and delivering your most important messaging in a meaningful, memorable way that gets results.

Web Design »

Our websites are made to convert. That means fully customized designs tailored to your customers' needs, mobile-friendly responsive layouts, smart integrations to increase your productivity, and marketing-optimized messaging.

We mean it when we say our websites work as hard for your business as you do!

Graphic Design »

In today's aesthetic-driven world, looks matter. Outdated looking branding, promotional material, and stationery can quickly see your business branded as obsolete - regardless of how good your products or services are.

Don't get left behind your competitors - modernize with Pixel Durham!

Content Creation »

Your brand's content defines you. It can establish you as a market leader, or mark you as out-dated and behind the times. From website and blog content to videos and social media posts, you need to deliver consistently great content.

We can create the kind of great multi-format content your customers crave!

Marketing & Growth

Our marketing & growth services are focused on setting your business up for sustainable, manageable, and scaleable success, with an approach that’s fully tailored to your customers and goals.

Digital Marketing »

Simply having your business online doesn't mean you're going to get results. Fully understanding who you're selling to, what they want, and how to convert them into customers is the cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy - but there's a lot more to it than that!

We tailor every digital marketing strategy and campaign fully to our client's goals.

Lead Generation »

No business can survive, never mind flourish, without a steady stream of inbound leads. Using proven techniques ranging from PPC to social media ads, viral contests to high value content downloads, and landing pages to on-page live chat and bots, we'll ensure you get the results you need to grow.

Our lead generation systems are built to scale with your business' needs!

Ongoing & Recurring

Our ongoing & recurring services are focused on keeping your most valuable online properties and outlets running smoothly and effectively over time.

Management »

Your company's online presence shouldn't be at the whim of unpredictable software updates, poor performance optimization, and the potential risk of data loss. We offer monthly site management plans to ensure your website is in fast, secure, updated, and online at all times

Never have to worry about downtime, broken sites, or slow speeds again!

Search Engine
Optimization »

A website that can't be found by prospective clients might as well not exist. SEO is not an easy thing to get right - it takes experience and knowledge. Fortunately we've got plenty of both! We'll help you raise through the rankings, outperform your competitors, and cement your online presence.

Our SEO plans will help you be found my customers when they need you most!

Self praise is no praise
Here's what our clients have said

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Mati H, Lecturer

“We absolutely love it! The site looks great and it’s so easy for both myself and the students to keep it up to date! Amazing!!”

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