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Introducing Pixel Durham Neighbourhood Watch

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At Pixel Durham we believe in giving back to the community wherever possible, and while gearing up to launch the new Pixel Durham website, we needed an awesome way to introduce ourselves to the Durham community. Should we throw a barbecue? Go door to door to visit our new neighbours? Send some fancy flyers through the mail? No.

As great as those ideas are, we figured the best way to announce our arrival was to offer something of value to the community – not that hot dogs aren’t valuable – so we decided on Pixel Durham Neighbourhood Watch, a completely free service to all our neighbours based in Oshawa and Whitby (since we’re right on the cusp of the two ourselves).

What is it?

So, to get down to the nuts and bolts, what is Pixel Durham Neighbourhood Watch, and why should you care?

It’s a 100% free (though limited to businesses based in Oshawa and Whitby only) service where we monitor your website’s uptime to let you know if it goes offline, and provide you with a free site health check to pass along to your site admin/developer, with actionable details on how to fix any issues it might have.

And did we mention it’s free? As in free free. As in it costs you nothing except the 43 second it takes you to sign up free. Ah, yes… We did – but it’s probably worth mentioning again! IT’S FREE!

Learn More About Neighbourhood Watch »

If you’re interested (and why wouldn’t you be?), all you need to do is click on the link above and fill in the super brief form. (You’ll also find lots more information about what it is and how it works)

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It could be the best decision your company ever makes.

Located in Oshawa or Whitby?

Sign up for our FREE Neighbourhood Watch program to be notified of problems with your website as and when they happen!

The information you provide above will be used to sign your business up for free website monitoring. Email confirmation is required to verify the accuracy of the provided data.