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Why Does Your Business Need a Website?

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“Why do you need a website?” It’s a silly question, right? Everyone knows the whole point of a website is to increase sales. Or is it to establish brand awareness and trust? Maybe it’s to provide great content? Or is it to generate inbound leads? Or showcase previous work? Uh oh…

This is the most common issue faced by companies searching for a web design quote: knowing the site’s purpose. If you’re reading this and thinking “Easy! The answer is to do all the things listed above, and more”, then you’re in for a rude awakening. Or, at the very best, a website that kind of does most of those things, but excels at none.

Let’s get one thing straight: in 2019, your website is your single most important marketing tool. It’s the central online hub you’re driving everyone towards. Social media, Google Ads, guest blogs, print, radio and TV advertising all drive users to your humble home on the net.

Function Before Form – Always!

Knowing what actions you want your customers to take once they arrive is the key to your site’s effectiveness.

Before you think about key components like design, copy, marketing, or even SEO, your site needs to have a clear and precise raison d’être.

From that single purpose, every aspect of your website will sprout. Knowing and working within your site’s purpose will define your strategy around messaging, design, calls to action, and user acquisition strategies.

A site built to make direct sales, for example, requires robust and secure eCommerce capabilities. This immediately makes it far more expensive than a non-eCommerce site. Likewise, an information portal for existing customers is less expensive than a site built to attract new leads.

Every business has many things they’d LIKE their website to accomplish, that goes without saying. Focusing on one specific overall function, though, gives you the starting point you need to build a website that works.

Tips to Help Discover Your Site’s Purpose

#1: Make a list of the biggest challenges facing your business right now, and order them by importance
#2: Create an ideal customer and identify what they want, need and expect from your website
#3: Imagine you could jump six months into the future – what single performance statistic would you want to know about your new website?

Your answer to each of these three questions will go a long way to helping you identify the primary purpose of YOUR COMPANY’S website!

Understanding why your business needs a website, and what that site needs to accomplish in order to be a success, is one of the first steps with Pixel Durham. Our digital marketing and web design services are structured to first understand your needs, and then to deliver a solution that provides the results your business deserves! To get started, contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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