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Your Non-Responsive Site is Costing You Business

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The internet has changed considerably in the past decade, mainly spurred on by the huge success of modern smartphones. A recent report from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority showed that mobile users accounts for a staggering 57% of Canadian internet traffic in 2019, compared to 24% in 2015. What that means for you, as a business owner, is that a website that still isn’t responsive (mobile friendly) is likely to be losing out on huge amounts of traffic, as well as potential revenue!

The good news is that any developer worth their salt now builds exclusively mobile friendly websites. These sites will adjust their display fluidly in order to work on any screen size. The days of zooming in on your mobile device in order to read tiny text should, in theory, be gone.

In practice, however, there are still plenty of sites on the web that don’t adhere to these new specifications. These sites deliver sub-standard user experiences, and can cost their owners massive amounts of traffic, and therefore sales.

Search Engine Penalties

Aside from offering a poor user experience, sites that aren’t mobile friendly are also punished heavily by major search engines, including Google. In 2016, the search engine giant announced that sites not tailored for mobile users would see their search rankings leapfrogged by those that offer mobile friendly experiences. So now, not only are your users getting a better browsing experience on your competitors’ mobile friendly sites, but you’re also tumbling down the search rankings with frightening speed.

Obsolete Software

There are other pitfalls to not having a mobile friendly website, too. For example, if your site uses elements created with the now-obsolete Adobe Flash (yes, there are still sites out there using it!), you desperately need to upgrade! You want your website to look as good as possible on all platforms, not be full of notices about incompatible formats.

Speed Concern

A site that’s not optimized for mobile may also take a lot longer to load over mobile data connections. With around 75% of users willing to wait no more than 3 seconds for a site to load on their mobile device, this is a major concern. Images, content and scripts optimized for smaller screens can make a huge difference, but you won’t find that on a site that’s not mobile friendly.

It doesn’t matter how big your business is, you still need the ability to bring in new customers in order to grow. Missing out on more than half of internet users is suicide for a business, and there’s no excuse for it in this day and age. Your site needs to be mobile friendly or you’re already losing out on business!

If you’ve still got a non-responsive website, then it’s time you gave serious thought to upgrading. Contact your Pixel Durham team today to chat about how our web design services can not only delivery mobile friendly, responsive designs, but how we can transform your entire online brand through integrated digital marketing solutions!

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