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How you present your brand online, how you interact with potential customers, and how you strive to increase business through the online space – it’s all digital marketing, and it’s essential for your growth!

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About our digital marketing service
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At Pixel Durham, we look at digital marketing through a holistic lens. It’s not a single thing, but rather a combination of many moving parts. Which moving parts are used will ultimately be determined by what your company does, who it is trying to reach/sell to, and what’s contained within your digital marketing strategy. If you haven’t got one of those yet, that’s the first step – and we can help you to build one!

Everything from your website to your social media channels to your newsletter to your online advertising falls under digital marketing. It’s a potentially overwhelming space that needs to be approached in a measured, calculated, and structured way in order to succeed. It encompasses everything from the words on your website to the graphics in your email signature, and drives the platforms you use and the journey your audience undertakes on the way to becoming customers.

An effective, thoroughly researched, and well-wrought marketing strategy is the rocket fuel for your business. It’s the thing that’ll send you skyward with a mighty roar, soaring above the competition, into the stratosphere of success! And with Pixel Durham, we’ll not only help you to build that strategy, but we’ll also help you to execute on it.

It’s time for your business to take control of its growth, and build out digital marketing strategy and execution plan that works with Pixel Durham!

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“The last ten years – heck, even the last three years – has seen huge change in the way people search for, and purchase, products and services. Digital marketing has become vastly more effective than “traditional” offline marketing, and that’s not about to change any time soon – making it essential for every company to ensure they have a solid digital marketing plan in order to grow their brand.”

Pixel Durham Digital Marketing

How can our digital marketing service help your business?

It all starts with a digital marketing strategy. If you’ve already got one, we’ll conduct a full audit of it to see if it contains any weaknesses, redundancies, or opportunities for improvement. If you haven’t got one, we’ll work with you to build it, starting by taking a look at the way your business operates at its core, and then by identifying your ideal target demographic, followed by building out a strategy that allows you to best reach them and manage their journey to becoming a customer.

Once a solid digital marketing strategy is in place, it’s time to execute on it.

This is where we’ll work to identify the best tools, approaches, resources, and channels for your efforts, and build a solution that’s fully customized to your business and allows to kick start your growth.

What that solution looks like will be different for everyone, but it’ll play to your strengths, establish a unique selling proposition for your brand, differentiate you from your competitors, and continually help you to generate more business in a consistent, scaleable way.

In a nutshell, a digital marketing strategy is the blueprint for all your future marketing endeavours – the guide for your growth, and the cheatsheet for your success

At a glance...

  • Full Marketing Strategy
  • Partial Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Audits
  • Sales Funnel Audits
  • Messaging Audits
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Buyer Journey
  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Acquisition
  • Brand Positioning
  • And more…

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