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No customers means no business, and no leads means no customers – so, you know, this stuff’s pretty important!

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About our inbound lead generation service
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The way businesses generate inbound leads has changed drastically over the past decade or so. Where it used to be a case of simply catching the attention of prospective customers, now it’s more about earning their interest and trust before they’ll consider you as a potential vendor, service provider, or outlet. This shift means that many “traditional” approaches simply don’t cut it any more, and businesses that don’t want to get left behind need to reassess the way they approach inbound lead generation.

At Pixel Durham, we take a more modern approach to our clients’ inbound lead generation. Like our other services, it’s a holistic approach that factors in a wide range of tactics, leveraging all your properties and channels in order to build a well-rounded, sustainable, and scaleable lead generation system that can grow with your business.

With our inbound lead generation service, we’ll examine your current sales process, identify your conversion rates, and build a customized solution around a proven formula. This allows us to accurately estimate how much you’ll need to spend in order to generate a desired amount of new business. It’s a pretty nifty system, if we do say so ourselves!

And it’s worth remembering that it’s not about lead volume, either, it’s about lead quality. Generating 20 extra monthly leads that are ready to buy is always better than 200 who have no intention of engaging with your sales team.

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“Modern lead generation isn’t about buying lists, cold calling ‘prospects’ who’ve never heard of you, or aiming for sales through brute force and high volume. It’s about being smart with your digital properties, proving your knowledge and expertise, and gaining trust with prospects before they’ve even spoken with your sales team.”

Pixel Durham Lead Generation

How can our inbound lead generation service help your business?

More high quality inbound leads means more sales, and more revenue for your business. It’s really that simple – on paper at least. In practice, there’s a huge amount of research, planning, and tactical execution involved to make any lead generation campaign a success.

Our approach to inbound lead generation is proven, scaleable, and predictable. At its core, it’s about increasing visibility, offering unique ways to engage potential customers, and having visitors to your online properties be the ones to initiate the conversation.

This can be accomplished in several ways, depending on your audience and your business, and can include PPC advertising, or social media campaigns, pushing users to landing pages where they can download high value information about your area of expertise, have questions answered in a way that establishes your knowledge and thought leadership, or apply for a special offer or promotion.

By taking this approach, leads are generated in a more organic manner, and ensure that when your sales team reaches out, your prospective client is already familiar with your brand. The old-school cold calling approach simply doesn’t cut it any more.

While the specifics vary based on your business and what you’re offering, our system is proven to work, and will see both the volume, and quality, of your inbound leads increase over the course of your campaign.

Pixel Durham’s lead generation system has been built from the ground up to help bring in consistent, qualified, hot leads for your sales team to convert to customers.

At a glance...

  • Landing Pages
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Automation
  • Retargeting
  • Audience Research
  • Lead Capture
  • Analytics
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Effective Sales Copy
  • Calls to Action (CTAs)
  • Online Forms
  • High Value Content
  • Thought Leadership
  • And more…

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