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Get a beautiful multi-functional, lead generating website that works as hard for your business as you do with Pixel Durham!
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About our Web Design service
Our sites are built for your success and growth!

Everyone knows that a website is essential to any modern business, but did you realize just how much a static, difficult-to-update site leaves on the table for your business?

An effective website is so much more than a brochure outlining your services – it’s your best salesperson, your 24/7 marketer, your support department, and your main lead generation tool all rolled into one!

With Pixel Durham you never get “just a website”, you’ll get everything you need to keep your online activities centralized, up-to-date, and streamlined! Our simple-to-use and fully customized admin area allows you and your staff to keep your customers informed, updated, and engaged without needing any technical know-how.

You’ll wonder how you managed without us!

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“There’s so much more to building a website that actually benefits your business than just pretty pictures and text in boxes! It’s all about designing for conversions. Whether you need sales, leads, or just want to provide useful information to your site’s visitors, we’ll build a complete solution that gets the results you need!”

Pixel Durham Web Design

How can our web design service help your business?

Our websites are built to be used by you and your team. At their most basic, they’re easy to update, removing the requirement of a PHD in rocket science to make a blog post.

Beyond that, though, we can also implement all kinds of fancy integrations like live chat, real-time user monitoring, mailing lists, CRMs, ordering and inventory systems, and much more, positioning your website as the hub for your business operations!

At Pixel Durham, we focus on functionality first, meaning that you’ll reap the benefits of advanced integrations with the tools you use most, proven marketing techniques, easy-to-understand dashboard analytics, and an admin area that’s a piece of cake to use – regardless of your technical expertise (or lack thereof)!

Everything we do follows industry best practices, so your site will be secure, search and performance optimized, and fully mobile friendly to maximize the experience for the 60%+ of internet traffic that originates from mobile devices.

Most important of all, though, is the fact that we build websites to convert.

Getting you new customers, more conversions, and increased revenue is the entire reason our sites exist. You’ll never find generic templates here – our sites are all about delivering results.

Beautifully custom, secure, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use websites are just the beginning with Pixel Durham – add live chat, heatmaps, detailed analytics reporting, CRM integration, and much more!

At a glance...

  • Brochure Sites
  • eCommerce Sites
  • Content Sites
  • Landing Pages
  • Intranet Design
  • Client Portals
  • Bespoke Custom Designs
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Performance Optimized
  • Search Optimized
  • Custom Admin Area
  • Advanced Integrations
  • SSL Certificates
  • Email Migration
  • And more…
Screenshots from 3 websites made by Pixel Durham are shown side by side

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If you’re sick of seeing your competitors’ websites put yours to shame, tired of struggling to update your content, or despairing at the lack of inbound leads from your existing site, it’s time to talk to your Pixel Durham web design team!

Because every business is different, no two websites are ever the same, so reaching out is the first step to having a site you can be proud of.

To get started, just fill out the form below to let us know how and when the best time is to connect with you about your next project. Alternatively, if you’d like to connect directly with the Pixel Durham team, please email hello@pixeldurham.com or call us on (289) 301-4492.