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Your website is your single most important marketing and lead acquisition tool – don’t roll the dice on its stability and performance!

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About our website management service
Ensure that your site remains a smooth operator!

Just how important is your website to your business? If you’ve been moving with the times, it should be right up there with your most important assets. Ultimately, it’s your 24/7 sales person, the hub of your digital marketing strategy, and your most effective way to reach and engage potential customers. Are you prepared to pay the price if it breaks, gets hacked, stops functioning as intended, or simply gets so outdated that it’s hindering your business’ growth? You shouldn’t be!

At Pixel Durham, building effective marketing-focused websites and populating them with the kind of content that gets results is our Kung-Fu. We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years, and we fully understand all the moving parts that make up a modern website. This means that we’re perfectly positioned to manage and maintain our clients’ sites – even if we didn’t build them ourselves!

Our website management service gives you the peace of mind that your site is being looked after, both behind the scenes and where potential customers can see it. We’ll look after everything from your site’s security and performance, to content updates and backups, ensuring that your most important digital asset is always running smoothly and delivering the results you demand from it!

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“A website should function like a well-oiled machine – but when parts start to break down, your entire digital marketing strategy can fall apart. Ensuring that your online platform is running smoothly, is optimized for performance and mobile users, and has regular maintenance and backups is essential.”

Pixel Durham Website Management

How can our website management service help your business?

How well is your website performing in key metrics like page load time, accessibility compliance, security, and disaster recovery? Chances are, you’ve got absolutely no idea! And why would you? After all, you’ve got other things to be worrying about, like growing and managing your business!

Whether you’ve got a Pixel Durham website, or a site built by another company (or even yourself), our site management service ensures that everything runs smoothly, is protected, and has nightly backups ready to go just in case disaster strikes.

A modern website is comprised of a variety of different software, plugins, and back-end systems. If even one of those parts breaks down, your whole site can suffer, face downtime, or, even worse, cause the loss of sensitive data to hackers.

By ensuring your site has adequate security, adding a SSL certificate to encrypt submitted data, running nightly backups, and testing every single software update before applying it to your live site, we make sure that you’ll never have to worry about revenue (or reputation) loss again!

All our plans come with uptime monitoring and reporting, initial site audits (so you can understand what needs to be addressed in order of importance), performance optimization, and regular content relevance sweeps, among a host of other services.

No matter how large or small your site, we’re here to make sure it stays in peak condition for your business!

Having the best website in the world means absolutely nothing if you’re suffering with constant downtime, poor loading times and optimization, and holes in your security

At a glance...

  • Site Security
  • Nightly Backups
  • Site Audits
  • Site Optimization
  • AODA Compliance
  • Software Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • SSL Certificates
  • Database Maintenance
  • Content Updates
  • Plugin Management
  • Integration Management
  • Custom Admin Area
  • Content Management
  • CMS Optimization
  • Tutorials & Guides
  • Premium Support
  • And more…

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Don’t leave the stability of your site to fate. Rolling the dice with your most important digital marketing asset is no way to run a successful business! Your Pixel Durham team is here to make sure your website is always primed for success, letting you worry about the things you do best!

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