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We've done this for a while
And we're pretty good at it

Our history as designers and marketers goes back to the late 1990s. Armed with little more than Notepad, some HTML, and a dream, our march towards a fuchsia future was inevitable (it’s definitely not pink BTW). Since those early days we’ve immersed ourselves in this industry. We’re always always learning and seeking out new ways to deliver success to our customers.

Our team has worked on projects for a wide range of companies, some as notable as Best Buy, Harvey Norman, and Carphone Warehouse, and many smaller companies – locally, nationally, and internationally – that you may never have heard of, but that are no less important to us!

We’d love to be part of the next phase in your brand’s journey, and we hope you’ll give us the chance to do so! We’re always available to chat, advise, and assist in any way we can, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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“We don’t deal in buzzwords, jargon, or corporate speak. We deal in results, premium customer service, and damn fine work. For us, it all boils down to understanding our clients’ goals, and building a solution that’ll help them to get there… And if we can’t help, we won’t take your money and ‘give it a go’ – that’s not how we roll.”

The Pixel Durham Difference

We're always improving our skills
For our clients' benefit

The digital landscape is always evolving, but the Pixel Durham team never stands still. We take our professional development seriously, and we’re always learning new ways to help your business be more successful. These are a few of our latest qualifications and certifications, just to prove we don’t spend all day watching silly cat videos!

“We’ve been doing this for long enough to understand that success doesn’t come from just having a pretty website. It’s about ensuring your messaging is heard, loud and clear. It’s about having a solid marketing strategy that’s built for results. It’s about engagement, thought leadership, and brand trust.”

The Pixel Durham Difference

Our clients say nice things
And who are we to argue?

Amanda E.
Amanda E.Photographer
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"Thank you so much! I love your attitude!! Omg this is SO exciting!!!!! Everything looks great - I'm referring you to a friend!
Mati H.
Mati H.Lecturer
Read More
"We absolutely love it! The site looks great and it's so easy for both myself and the students to keep it up to date! Amazing!!"
Sarah N.
Sarah N.Florist
Read More
WE LOVE IT!!! Amazing job!! I'm very excited to launch. I couldn't sleep last night! Thank you SO much!
Amanda B.
Amanda B.Wedding Planner
Read More
Thank you so much for everything! I absolutely love my website and I learned so much from you and your team during the process!
Sarah H.
Sarah H.Professional Dog Trainer
Read More
Thank you for getting this up and running! It's absolutely wonderful, thank you so much again!! The site looks awesome

“We strongly believe that the quality of our work stands head and shoulders above other companies in our market and price range. Unlike them, we offer wholistic solutions, not bit part approaches. We may not be a fit for a company searching for the lowest price, but we definitely are for those looking for the best value for money!”

The Pixel Durham Difference

We've fine-tuned our process
For our clients' success

One of the most common pieces of feedback our clients provide to us is how simple and streamlined we make potentially complicated processes. We’re firm believers that your project should be smooth sailing right from the start, so we’ve built our processes around that single focus.

We listen to our customers’ needs, and deliver solutions that can accomplish their goals.

Our second key differentiator is that we actually listen to your goals. We’re not about trying to sell you as many services as possible, or bolting on unnecessary add-ons. For us, it’s all about getting the job done as efficiently as possible for our clients.

With all that said, it’s important to understand that any marketing or creative design process is a two-way street – you’ll need to provide essential information, feedback, and data to help us do our jobs.

We want to work with clients who are passionate, energetic, and dedicated, and who are happy to take on our input, suggestions, and feedback throughout the process.

Not every client is right for us, just as we won’t be right for every client, but if you’re happy to treat our team respectfully, and understand that we’re looking out for your best interests then we think we’ll be a great fit for each other!

We’ve also built out an all-in-one client hub where you can manage your project, invoices, files, and communications with our team from one simple, secure location!

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Pixel Durham Icon showing an uppercase D with pixels floating away from the top right hand corner

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